Ian James Andersen

Star Hopper Brewing Co.

Brews from the far reaches of the cosmos.

Craft beer based around the concept of the ingredients being gathered from the far reaches of space. A series of bespoke illustrations of spaceships give each bottle a charming character along with subtle indications of the beer’s flavors. Each beer features a different brewing ship to help customers identify the different brews based on color, the complex illustrations are eye-catching and meant to be explored as the customer drinks the different beers. The narrative behind the brand is further expanded in the copy which uses space exploration and resource gathering terms to talk about the beers' different flavor profiles.


Star Hopper Brewing Co. (School Project)


Identity System, Packaging, & Illustration System.


Winner for Best Overall Campaign at DSVC NSSC 13

Six Pack Packaging

Bottles and Growlers

Six Pack Side Views

Business Cards