Ian James Andersen

Rogue Lands

A collaborative adventure through a fractured world.

Rogue Lands is a collaborative adventure board game based on the idea of world which has come apart at its seams and descended into chaos. Rogue Lands allows players to take on a character role and work together to restore order to the game land by defeating monsters, overcoming traps and collecting treasure. Inspired by games like Dungeons and Dragons, and Munchkin, I wanted to create a boardgame of my own but focus on creative role-playing and player co-operation. Rogue Lands was created as the first game by games publisher Tiger Mountain


Tiger Mountain Games Presents Rogue Lands (School Project)


Board Game design including illustrated playing cards, packaging for the various game pieces and the game box, and a website dedicated to the game.

Game Packaging

Game Identity

Different card types.

Character Sheets and Players Handbook

Tiger Mountain website where Rogue Lands is sold