Ian James Andersen

Let Loose

Happy chickens make good eggs.

A campaign designed to bring egg farmers and retailers together in order to encourage customers to purchase ethically raised eggs. Based around extended brand interaction and based on ethical standards, Let Loose aims to make customers feel good about buying eggs from farms that follow humane practices. The Let Loose brand identity is built around the illustrated chickens that work across the packaging and in accompanying promotional materials to carry the brand message.


Animal Welfare Association (School Project)


Identity System, Packaging, Promotional Campaign, Mobile Application and Research Document

Examples of packaging, the scene changes to match the real world season.

The fully illustrated packages stand out easily against more generic competetion.

Stickers and in-store signs for grocers that choose to partner with Let Loose and use their eggs in their deli.

Digital stickers to extend brand interaction outside of the store.

Inspired by mobile games like Neko Atsume, the chicken customizer allows users to create their own chickens on a virtual farm and customize them with accessories obtained by purchasing Let Loose products and share images of their farm through social media.